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Video : Altoids Roadwarrior Survival Kit with flash drive, USB charger, LED flashlight and Bluetooth

Ah, Altoids. The tins may be the only reason why DIY and EDC people buy Altoids mints at all. The form factor of the Altoids tin makes it easy to slip into a pocket or bag. Here’s the mother of all Altoids DIY projects. This is an electronic survival kit with a USB Charger, an LED flashlight, a 4GB flashdrive, and a Bluetooth receiver.

The Altoids “RoadWarrior” Survival Kit (aka the “Minty-MEGAboost.”) is powered by 8 AAA batteries (4×4 in parallel) for a total of 6 volts and +/- 2200mah of charging goodness. It can charge iPods and phones many times over. When there’s isn’t enough juice to charge those devices, there’s still plenty to power the high intensity LED flashlight for days after. The flashdrive, USB hub and bluetooth receiver are all powered by the computer.

Would you bring this through airport security? Maybe not. But definitely worth making one for your Bug Out Bag.

Watch the video:

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