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Camelbak Allclear purifies your water using ultraviolet rays in 60 seconds

In case of disasters, you may not have access to clean water. The CamelBak Allclear Purifier Water Bottle is a solution designed for travelers — whether you’re going to places where the water may be unsafe, or going camping. It’s also a small enough solution for you to put in your Bug Out Bag.

CamelBak is well known for their range of hydration equipment, including bladders, bags and bottles. It’s only natural that they branch out into water purification.

Using UV (Ultra Violet) light, this solution kills 99.9% of bacteria, viruses and protozoa. The Allclear runs on a rechargeable battery, which you can recharge through a USB cable. Since USB is pretty much a standard nowadays, you can charge this off your car, a wall plug or even solar panels. When fully charged, the Allclear is good for 80 cycles or 16 gallons of water (which is around a month of drinking water for one adult).

CamelBak Allclear Purifier Water Bottle is very to use:
1. Fill the bottle from any tap, stream or spigot.
2. Replace UV cap and switch it on.
3. Shake the bottle for 60 seconds, and drink up!

Depending on your water source, you may want to pre-filter the water (e.g. running it through a clean piece of cloth).

Here’s a video review of the CamelBak Allclear Purifier Water Bottle:

You can buy the CamelBak Allclear Purifier Water Bottle from Amazon for around US$90. It’s expensive, but it’s worth it for your piece of mind.

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