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Urban Evac Tip: Learn to run with c25k

How heavy is your Bug Out Bag (or Get Home Bag)? Sure you can probably carry it around — but are you able to walk or run long distances with it? If like me, you’ve been a couch potato for a long time, it’s very tough to get back into running shape. Luckily, there’s C25K.

C25K (The Couch to 5k Running Plan) is designed to get absolute beginners into running shape. Developed by the folks at Cool Running, this is a gentle introduction (or re-introduction) to the habit of running. The goal of the program is to get you running non-stop for 5 kilometres (3 miles).

I have to say it’s pretty easy to follow the program – there are plenty of tools available, from worksheets to iPhone apps, podcasts and an active community. C25K is a nine-week program, broken down into three sessions a week (20 to 30 minutes per session). In each session, you alternate between walking and running, gradually increasing the running duration over time.

I’m currently on week 2 of C25K program. It was initially tough to get started, but the key idea is to make it a habit over time. I’m looking forward at running my first 5K — and my second 5K with a fully laden Get Home Bag.

  1. T on Wednesday 29, 2011

    I could probably not run a mile, I am so out of shape.
    But working on it…
    Would love to exchange links with you.
    I am at