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Urban Evac Tip: Master your exits

Are you at work right now? (It’s okay, continue reading- I won’t tell your boss). Next question: do you know where the exits are? I’m sure you’ve seen the signs at the top of the emergency exit door. So where exactly are they?

This is all about situational awareness. It’s just a good habit to take note of where the emergency exits are, wherever you may be. If you’re at work, try to figure out where the exits lead to. We all assume that emergency exits lead to an open space, but this might not always be the case. Just try it once – walk out your nearest emergency exit. Is the way clear of thrash or debris? Do the lights work, or do you need a flashlight to light the way?

Do you know where that door at the bottom of the staircase leads to? Photo by Loimere.

If you’re traveling, you should do this as well. Just look at the exits. If you’re in a foreign country, the signs might not be in English, and the signs might not have the symbols that you’re used to.

Do you still know that it’s “Emergency Exit if it’s in a different language? Photo by BRNFRRR (left) and MJ/TR (right).

Extra credit: most public buildings have floor plans showing where the various emergency exits are. Spend a little bit of time looking at these plans and figure out where the next exit is. This is useful in case the exit nearest to you is unavailable for any reason.

Always remember: walk, don’t run.

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