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Japan earthquake and tsunami: are you prepared?

Yesterday’s devastating 8.9 earthquake, and subsequent tsunami, serves as yet another sobering reminder of how easily things could go bad. Just 3 weeks ago, New Zealand suffered from one of their worst earthquakes in history, centred near the city of Christchurch.

Al Jazeera video report on the Japan earthquake.

As we have advocated (over and over again, some might say) on this site, the need to be prepared for emergencies and disasters is greater than ever. Here are a few of useful articles to get you started:

1. Assembling a bug out bag from just $30. Get one for each member of your family.

2. Building a 72-hour food kit. In case you need to stay in after a disaster.

3. Every Day Carry (EDC) for your spouse.

Follow the latest news on the Japan earthquake on Al Jazeera’s blog.

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