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Video : Safety tips for driving in winter

As we head deep into the winter, it’s time to be more careful about how you drive. This short video from the Fairfax County Office of Emergency Management shares some useful tips for driving in winter.

Also included is a checklist on what you need to have in a vehicle emergency supply kit.

  1. GoneWithTheWind on Wednesday 15, 2010

    I truely believe it is possible to learn from others mistakes. It is possible to learn some important tips about winter driving by listening to someone who knows how to drive in winter conditions. BUT, I also believe that few will. Most people learn the hard way. When I lived in Alaska the first snow storms and icy streets were punctuated with many many accidents. Eventualy most learned how to drive in those conditions and accidents dropped dramatically. It was common in Alaska that while sitting at a red light to wait when the light turned green for that occassional driver who was driving too fast and would slide through the red light with all wheels locked and a terrified look on their face. It was so common that drivers waiting on both sides of the intersection would nod and smile at each other when it happened. Sadly the best way to really learn about winter driving is to have an accident or two because you were going too fast for conditions or following too close or thought somehow you alone were able to drive without chains, etc. Most knowledge is “earned” and often at a price.