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I’ve written about using a bra as a survival tool before. Well, now you can buy one as a gift for that special someone in your life.

The Emergency Bra is the award winning device of the 2009 Ig Nobel awards in public health. (Still not kidding).

The goal of any emergency respiratory device is to achieve tight fixation and full coverage. Luckily, the wonderful design of the bra is already in the shape of a face mask and so with the addition of a few design features, the Emergency Bra enhances the efficiency of minimizing contaminated bypass air flow.

Features of The Emergency Bra:
– Emergency bra shoulder straps which easily convert into adjustable head straps, providing firm fixation of the mask
– Flex inserts along the top rim of the bra caps which allow to shape the masks tightly around the nose bridge area
– Inner cap liner/filter which acts like a butterfly valve during inhale cycles

You can buy a pair of The Emergency Bra for $30.

How would you know if someone has an emergency bra? Well, the company is also selling this T-shirt:

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  1. Emilie Cassidy on Tuesday 28, 2010

    There are good ideas, however, I think that the survival mask should be attatched to the collar some how so men and women can use this type of product. I really do not see how using dirty underware can save my life. Besides, how would I keep it clean.