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I hardly buy paper magazines any more, but I still like to look through and browse them at the newsstand once in a while. The latest issue of Backpackers Magazine (October 2010) caught my eye. The issue has some great survival tips and scenarios.

This a great way to create awareness about preparedness and the need for survival skills. Hopefully it will save the lives of a few of the magazine’s readers who go out backpacking.

A couple of useful examples from this issue are :
– how to improvise without a first aid kit
– how to find directions without a compass

Backpacker is written for people who love outdoor adventure. Backpacker Magazine readers are serious about their passion for the outdoors, whether it be a simple day hike or an all out backpacking trek. The magazine is published 9 times a year. Get a 1 year subscription to Backpacker magazine

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