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Welcome to Week 22 of Step by Step Survival. In this series, we aim to prepare you and your family for emergencies starting from just $5 a week.

What to buy this week

– 10lb of sugar (or as much as you can).
– 1 can of mushroom soup

What to do this week

If you have a car, and depend on it for your daily commute, you really need to start looking after it. One thing you can do right now is to clean out your car. The lighter your car, the more gas (petrol) you save. So it’s time to get rid of all those old receipts, magazines, newspapers, junk and trinkets that are lying around.

Have you looked in your trunk lately? How about your glove compartment? Chances are, they are both full of things you don’t need.

That’s it! Remember to save $1 a day, and we’ll see you next week.

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