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I’m still slowly going through The Survivalist series by Jerry Ahern. I love the audio book format because I can listen to the books anywhere, including while I’m driving. This is the sixth book in the series, The Savage Horde.

About The Survivalist #6 : The Savage Horde by Jerry Ahern

John Thomas Rourke, M.D., ex-CIA Covert Operations Officer, weapons expert, and survival authority is on the move again—searching for a cache of eighty megaton warhead missiles secreted on the New West Coast.

It all begins with a fire fight between Brigands and a unit of U.S. II armed forces, a battle that ends with Rourke, and a seriously wounded Natalia, taking refuge on a submarine.

The sight of the sunken remains of San Francisco is a grisly reminder of the Night of the War; the horde of half-dressed savages waiting on the shore, a deadly example of the madness of this brutal post-holocaust world.

Surrounded now by murderous madmen and threatened by a mysterious officer who has been travelling with him, Rourke must call on all his training to escape and continue the search for his family. He must go on—he is The Survivalist.

Approximate Running Time: 4 hours

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  1. Enhannigan on Tuesday 23, 2010

     The Survivalist series was written starting in 1981 and as such a lot of what the books talk about is a bit dated and other than the fact that as per usual in these books the hero is a bit “over the top” they are still a good read and gets your mind working in the right direction.