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I recently purchased a bunch of AA and AAA batteries since they were on sale. Now that I have a number of batteries on hand, I started thinking of various ways to carry spare batteries with me, either on my person or in my bag.

It’s just not practical to carry several dozen batteries in their original packaging. There are several home-brew solutions, such as putting batteries in tiny zip-lock bags, or using vacuum sealers.

There are also these purpose-designed spare battery holders. Here’s one from Precision Design, a AA Battery Holder Case for 4 Batteries. It’s only 2 bucks a piece.

Dealxtreme sells 3 of these spare battery holders for less than 3 bucks, including shipping. Here’s a video of how the Dealextreme battery holder works :

If you use CR123 batteries, Surefire Spares Executive Series Carrier will hold 6 batteries plus a spare lamp.

It looks cool, but be prepared to pay the Surefire tax : this baby costs $20.

For a cheaper solution, try the Keep2go tube. It’s waterproof, durable and holds 4 CR123 batteries for around $6.

How do you carry your spare batteries?

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