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Once in a while, we show an interesting set of Every Day Carry (EDC) gear. This time around it’s from Bierkameel at Bladeforums. Click on the photo for a bigger image.

His gear :

iPhone 3GS 16GB in an Oakley case.
Specops T.H.E wallet.
Rat Cutlery Izula with sharpened jimping on top.
Buck Mayo Waimea.
Paracord Bracelet.
Marathon JSAR on a Sinn U1 strap.
Casio G-shock Frogman MIRB.
Nitecore D10 R2 SP in camo with a tritium insert.
Keys with a tritium keychain and Fenix E01 and a Lacie I’makey 16GB pendrive.
Zippo heavy armor case with a Z-plus insert.

  1. Mike on Wednesday 10, 2010

    One thing to be careful of if you have your car key on a keychain is having too much other stuff on it. Too much weight can damage the ignition in the steering column over time.