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It’s another Saturday! Welcome to Week 6 of Step by Step Survival. In this series, we aim to prepare you and your family for emergencies starting from just $5 a week.

What to buy this week

– 1 bottle aspirin (500 tablets). Substitute for similar medication if you can’t take aspirin

What to do this week

What do you know about knots? If you were a Scout, you’d know this already. Knots are useful to learn, because there’s any number of things that will need to be lashed together in an emergency situation. Here’s 10 of the most useful knots.

Do look around your house to see what kinds of rope you have to practice with. Paracord (parachute cord) is highly recommended – it has a tensile strength of 550-lbs and has 7 inner strands, which can be used as fishing line or thread. 50 feet of paracord should cost less than $10.

Buy 50 foot Parachute Cord (550, 7-Strand).

That’s it! Remember to save $1 a day, and we’ll see you next week.

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