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Welcome to Week 5 of Step by Step Survival. In this series, we aim to prepare you and your family for emergencies starting from just $5 a week. We’re in the second month already, your supplies should be building up nicely.

What to buy this week

– 4 cans tomato soup
– 10 lb powdered milk

What to do this week

No matter where you live, it does get dark eventually. It’s always a good idea to have a good flashlight with you. If you live or work in a high-rise building, even the days can get dark, especially if you have to walk the stairs, or in the case of a blackout. LED flashlights are better than ones with the traditional lightbulbs. They cost a bit more, but LEDs are near-indestructible and will last a long time on a set of batteries.

I use the Fenix EO1 LED flashlight as my EDC (every day carry).

That’s it! Remember to save $1 a day, and we’ll see you next week.

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