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Fenix is becoming a formidable brand when it comes to mid-range flashlights. While they will never be able to compare directly against the likes of Surefire, their product range is now pretty competitive. The Fenix TK40 LED flashlight is the first Fenix to use Cree’s MC-E quad-die, a very powerful LED.

The Fenix TK40, being quite large, will not be your Every Day Carry, but it is a great multi-purpose flashlight which can sit at home or in your Bug Out Bag / Get Home Bag.

This is a pretty tough flashlight. Crafted from T6 aircraft-grade aluminum, it has a Type-III hard-anodized finish and weighs a hefty 284g. The TK40 is waterproof to IPX-8 standard.

The TK40 has two different modes of output, each with four different levels – a total of eight different outputs.

* Its primary modes are constant-on: Turbo (630 lumens), Low (13 lumens), Medium (93 lumens), and High (277 lumens).
* Its secondary modes are strobe/flash: Strobe, Slow Flash, SOS, and Fast Flash.

It uses 8 (eight!) standard AA batteries in a special container. For emergency purposes, it will also work on just 4 batteries. Please note that the use of Lithium batteries with the TK40 are not encouraged.

With all that power and flexibility, the Fenix TK40 doesn’t come cheap — it will set you back around US$160. Buy Fenix TK40 High Performance Cree LED Flashlight

This is a video review of the Fenix TK40 LED flashlight by Lemansblum5. He shows all of the different modes of the flashlight. He also takes the TK40 outside to show how well it throws, compared to a few smaller flashlights.

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