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I know very few people who don’t carry around a cellphone (mobile phone) nowadays. Even my parents, who are in their seventies, have mobile phones for emergency purpose. So what happens if there’s an emergency? Would your phone still work? What should you do to prepare? Verizon has some tips for using your mobile phone during emergencies.

1. Know how to use call forwarding at home. If you have to evacuate, forward your home phone calls to your cell phone.
2. Conserve battery power and free-up wireless networks for emergency response agencies by limiting non-emergency calls. Invest in backup battery packs and emergency chargers.
3. Keep a car-charger in your vehicle in case you must evacuate.
4. Save emergency phone numbers in your cell phone for one-touch dialing.
5. Store back-up batteries for electronic devices, including your cell phone.
6. Consider using text messages (SMS) to communicate.
7. Understand your cell phone’s capabilities: e-mail, weather updates and news reports are all tools that can help after a disaster.

[ via Verizon Community ]

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