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We all know the importance of having paracord as part of our Every Day Carry and Bug Out Bag. Paracord is strong (can hold up to 550lb in weight) and versatile. The “real” paracord as used by the military has several strands of thread inside, which can be used for other purposes. So how do you carry a good length of paracord around?

One way is to make a Chris Reeve knot, like I’ve done for my weekend EDC. Another way is to make a bracelet out of paracord. Here’s a good weekend project, as shown by Instructables.

Here’s a video on how to make a paracord survival bracelet:

If you’re too lazy or impatient (or if you’ve got unsteady hands) and just want to buy a survival bracelet, you can. I bought one on eBay – here’s a review of the paracord survival bracelet.

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  2. warhammer empire on Friday 29, 2010

    I’ve been doing bracelets like this. But that was five years ago. Watching the video made me remember what I knew before. Thanks!

  3. plumbing on Friday 29, 2010

    Before choosing your bracelet, one of the first things you need to check is where the leather used in the manufacturing process come from. It is well known around the world, that Italian leather is one of the most quality leather you can find around.

  4. W L Cobb on Friday 29, 2010

    Very informative and I will be making a few of them soon myself .

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