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For our semi-regular Guest Post section this time around, we have an article on Essential Camping Gear. Obviously, this is similar to outdoor survival gear.

Author: Ryan Frank

There are many things that you can take with you for a camping trip, but there are a few items that you really cannot afford to leave behind. While there are plenty of accessories out there, here are a few of the essentials for any camping trip.

Tent: Whether you are camping in subzero temperatures, or in the middle of the hot desert, you should definitely pack a tent. It can protect you from rain, cold, animals or anything that may be lurking in the night.

Sleeping Bag: In warm climates, a sleeping bag can simply be used as a sleeping pad, while in colder scenarios it can be your bed, pillow, and blanket all rolled into one. Be sure to carry a sleeping bag with you on any camping excursion, you will not regret it.

Flashlight: Flashlights can be lifesavers at a campsite. Whether you need to find your way to a bathroom area at night, or to light your tent for games or reading, having a flashlight is essential.

Protective Storm Cases: Whether you need to protect your food, your camera, or your flashlight, it is a good idea to invest in a case. There are always hard storm cases for sale at various sporting goods stores, as well as online.

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Hatchet: If you will be gathering your own firewood during the course of your camping trip, a hatchet can be invaluable. You will be able to chop trees and smaller sticks easily with it, giving you the ability to easily construct your fire.

Matches: There are ways to create a spark from slate and wood, but it may take a long time, and is very unreliable. Taking matches on your camping trip is essential to ensuring your ability to create a fire for yourself. When camping, fire has the ability to keep animals away, keep you warm, purify water, and cook your food.

Knife: While many people might forget this item, it can be extremely useful. If you are setting up your tent, a knife can either sharpen sticks for tent anchors, or loosen the dirt to stake your tent. In addition, a knife is great for protecting yourself, cutting and preparing food, as well as shaving kindling.

For any camping trip on which you embark, be sure to bring these essential items to ensure your survival, as well as your comfort in the great outdoors.

About the Author:

Ryan Frank is an avid writer and blogger living in San Diego, CA.

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  1. Lan Tester · on Monday 18, 2010

    most of our camping gears specially the cookware sets are made up of stainless steel ;’*