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Chances are, you have several electronic devices that need power. For emergency purposes, I always recommend getting devices that use standard batteries — e.g. AAs, AAAs and Ds. However, many modern devices have custom batteries. Worse, some like the iPhone have internal, non-removable batteries.

The good thing about new devices is that there are many third party compatible recharging solution. iPhones and most modern phones can recharge via a USB port. Energizer’s Energi To Go products seem like a good solution for these type of devices.

There are a couple of solutions to choose from.
– SP1000 : extra 6 hours of talk time for your phone
– SP2000 : extra 12 hours of talk time

These solutions work out of the box (pre-charged), can hold a charge up to a year, and come with a 3 year warranty.

Buy Energizer Energi To Go Solar Power SP2000 Battery Pack

Buy Energizer Energi To Go SP1000 Solar Power PowerPack

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