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aqua2go purified water

Water is one of the most important elements in a survival situation. Without water, you won’t live for long.

AQUA2Go Purified Water
AQUA2GO is 100% purified water in aseptic packaging. It is made using the reverse osmosis purification method. AQUA2GO® is compact, lightweight, and can easily be flattened after use.

The packaging is sterile and keeps out light/air, resulting in extended shelf life of at least five years (even longer if the packaging is intact). The inner lining that comes into contact with the water is made of polyethylene that has been deemed safe by the FDA). As a result of the purification and this packaging, AQUA2GO is pure, safe and great-tasting water. Unlike cans or bottles, the Tetra Brik Aseptic package is among the most sustainable packages on the market today. Approximately 75% of the package is made from paper — a renewable and renewed resource.

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