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Recently, I thought I lost my EDC (every day carry) Fenix E01 LED flashlight. I ordered a replacement immediately, since it’s been a steady and reliable tool for me. As it turned out, I found my flashlight, so now I have 2 E01s in my arsenal. It’s always good to have a backup!

fenix E01 compact LED flashlight

Fenix E01 LED Flashlight
The Fenix E01, a perfect portable mini LED flashlight, with negligible volume and weight, can be put into your purse, pocket, or simply be fastened onto your keychain. It could serve you as your reliable companion at any time. Though it is compact in volume, the Fenix E01 has amazing performances. You will be marveled at its excellent brightness and extraordinary long runtime, high reliability & durability, outstanding water resistance and its exquisite workmanship.

You also get your choice of colours : black, olive, purple, gold and grey.

All these make it become your best choice to add to a flashlight collection or to give as gift or to serve as your close companion.

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