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This is a guest post on emergency preparedness, by Matt from

There can be a chance for a disaster to strike maybe at unpredictable times. As there may not be enough time to prepare for such events, it can be a good idea and step to make necessary preparations in early times because there may not be enough resources available to survive after a disastrous event if necessary steps are not taken.

There may be slightly different preparations for different types of catastrophes. Preparations for an earthquake may differ than preparations made for floods and other events. Emergencies can also be caused without natural disasters like in a severe power outage.

In an emergency, the resources of a group can decrease significantly and some time may be needed to restore some of the resources and facilities. Due to lack of facilities, it can prove to be a good idea that some backup is kept to fulfill the basic needs of the human being.

Meals Ready to Eat (MRE) rations are easy to store and contain a complete meal. However, watch out for the sodium content. Shown above : Mainstay Emergency Food Rations

Food and water should be at the top of the emergency preparedness plan because a human needs food and water to remain conscious and alive. The food kept should be useable without storage and cooking issue. After a disaster or power outage, absence of electric supply can be faced due to which there may be no way to heat and cook the food.

Purification tablets help get rid of bacteria in water. Do check the expiry date. Shown above : Potable Aqua Water Purification Iodine Tablets

Storage and freezing facilities also possibly cannot be accessed so the food should last and remain eatable without storage. Such food products can also be known as non-perishable food. Water should also be kept and water purification tablets should also be kept in case the water may get contaminated.

An emergency LED flashlight like the Kaito Emergency Hand Crank Dynamo 5-LED Flashlight with AM/FM radio could come in handy.

Preparing for the night time should also be part of the total plan. A hand powered flashlight and radio should be kept for lighting and listening to the recovery status on the radio. Extra batteries should also be kept because they can be used in any utility and can also power up a flashlight and radio for longer operation time. Warm clothes and blankets can also be used for keeping the body warm in cold weather.

Another necessity of human is sanitation. So, a few sanitation products should also be kept in order to help in this purpose. One thing that can matter is that a person should also prepare their mind that an emergency can occur which we may have to face. A prepared mind can work efficiently and remain relatively calm enabling it to think better. is an online store that specializes in the latest Emergency Preparedness equipment, 72 Hour Kits, First Aid Experts, Survival Food and water. To purchase survival products visit:

Matt is an outdoor enthusiast, who loves hunting and camping. If he’s not outside he’s spending he’s time writing and sharing his experiences about the two subjects. He hopes to help people improve their hunting strategies, how to best enjoy the outdoors and how to better plan for an emergency crisis.

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