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subivor emergency kit for subway underground commuters

Subivor = subway + survivor. Sure, it’s a stupid name, but it’s a product of our times. Whether you’re a regular commuter on the NYC subway, or the London Underground, or hundreds of other similar rail systems around the world, this is an interesting kit to look at.

This kit ($30-40) contains the following :
– Disposable anti-fog full facemask, protects against Toxic Smoke,Concrete Dust, Debris, Radio Active Dirty Bomb, Influenza, Small Pox, and Anthrax.
– 3 1/2 inch Flashlight
– 7 inch Orange Pry bar
– Silver tone Metal Whistle
– Orange Moist Towelette Pouch
– Compact Bag

This is a consumer-friendly offering that’s not quite complete. You should toss in a first aid kit, a bandana/handkerchief, and a swiss army knife or multiool. Don’t forget your bottle of water!

We’ve featured many other emergency kits which are more complete or more compact, like the Pocket Survival Pak by Doug Ritter.

Note : As of this writing, the Subivor website is down, probably still suffering from the BoingBoing effect.

  1. John on Wednesday 29, 2009

    I personally tested the mask over an oil fire. Breathing was effortless. The mask is made by Evacutech. It UL lab tested and approved. Your NOT getting this in home Depot. They made a big time mask in a purse size package.
    Stuck in an elevator, need to bypass a locked door or pop out a train window – thepry bar is a smart addition.
    Stuck in stairwell above the smoke – alert people to your presense with the loud whistle.
    The flashlight is no pen lite. Its an 8 LED light and compares to a full size flash light.
    When you are out of danger and need to wash off, the towelette is field tested to clean you off better than a wipe. Hunters and army use this quality to remove camo paint.
    The colors choices are reflective straps.
    They made a smart kit…