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I will start to cover more videos in Survival Today. Most of these will be from Youtube, but I’ll probably add more interesting video from other sources as I find them.

The first video is from ryanjcus. It’s about 9 minutes long, but Ryan does a good job explaining the items in his kit and their uses.

Ryan covers all the bases with his kit :
– Fire
– water
– shelter
– navigation
– signalling

In Ryan’s kit :
– Swedish firesteel
– metal match case with a Silva compass on top
– petroleum jelly-covered cotton balls
– aluminium foil
– fuel bars
– snare wire
– signal mirror
– glow stick
– penlight and spare AAA battery
– zip ties
– emergency space blanket
– bandanna
– ziploc bags
– Buck pocket knife
– small sharpening stone
– duct tape wrapped around paper
– needles & thread wrapped around clothing patch
– fresnel lens
– super glue
– wire saw
– paracord
– water purification tablets
– fishing kit

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