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If you’ve never watched Survivorman on TV, then you’re missing out on some of the best survival advice out on mainstream media.

Survivorman is a sequel / spin-off to Les Stroud’s earlier project, Stranded, a five-part series that was shown on the Canadian Discovery Channel in 2001. After 3 seasons, Stroud is calling it a day and will discontinue doing Survivorman. The reason? Doing the show has taken a toll on his health.

Unlike the more popular Bear Grylls with his Man versus Wild show, Stroud actually goes out into the wild with just his camera and whatever he can carry. This makes for less exciting TV, but more realistic and useful if you want to actually learn something.

You can buy and download Survivorman episodes from iTunes :
Survivorman - Survivorman, Season 3

You can also purchase previous seasons of Survivorman on Amazon :
Survivorman: Collection 2

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