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Playtex Expectant Moments Women\'s Underwire Nursing Bra   # 4173

Seriously, this is not just an excuse to show cleavage on this blog. A few months ago, I read on WalletPop about using a sports bra as a cheap survival device. Bruce Watson wrote about how a bra can be used to attract attention and help. In fact, this very method helped save a US hiker who was trapped in the Alps. How disappointed do you think the rescuers would be, if the the owner of the sexy bra wasn’t a pretty young woman, but an overweight man? Just kidding.

Well as it turns out, a bra can be of some actual use in an emergency situation. Recently Nicky Arsenault, a 19-year old nursing assistant used her bra to save a life. She used her bra as a compress to stop the bleeding of an assault victim.

Now that’s a creative use for a bra.

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