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WD40 5.5 oz. aerosol #9600 PRO DUCT TAPE 2\

Pop quiz : what are the two things that should be in your BOB (Bug Out Bag)? Here’s a hint : one is for putting things together, and the other is to take things apart. The classic WD40 is considered “the Swiss Army Knife of lubricants”, thanks to its ability to loosen up just about everything. Other creative uses include removing snow from metal surfaces and killing weeds. A 5.5 oz can of WD40 can easily fit into your BOB.

The WD40’s polar opposite is another classic, Duct Tape. Available in many different shapes, sizes and price points, the Duct Tape can hold just about everything together. There are many projects you can do with duct tape, including making duct tape wallets, duct tape hats, etc. To maximize space in your BOB, you can re-pack the duct tape around a flat piece of cardboard.

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