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USBCELL AA Rechargable Battery - 2 Cell Pack - MXAA02

Every year 15 billion batteries are made and thrown away. Rechargeable batteries are nothing new, and their benefits are pretty well known. In the long run, you save money over disposable batteries and you’ll help the environment, too. There are many rechargeable battery chargers which are powered off the now-common USB port. USBCell adds a new twist to that idea : get rid of the charger, and charge the battery directly off the USB port.

These USBcell batteries can be easily charged from any USB port. Aside from computers at your home and office, USB ports are now appearing in many other places including car stereos, DVD players and more. USB cell batteries are in the common AA form factor, delivering 1300mah AA. They can be charged to 90% in 5 hours.

Currently USBcells are still pricey, at $20 a pair. You can get them a USBCELL AA Rechargable Battery 2 Cell Pack (MXAA02) from Amazon or other online stores.

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