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Diamond Pocket Sharpener

Did you know that a dull knife can be more dangerous than a sharp one? Well, now you know. A dull knife requires you to put more force in order to cut properly. So, now that you’ve used your knives to cut a lot of turkeys, it’s time to put an edge to your blades.

The best way to sharpen your knives is to use a good set of sharpening stones, and to do it yourself. If you are short of time, or you want to encourage others to start sharpening, take a look at the Diamond Pocket Sharpener from Gerber. This little gadget is cheap ($2.50) and easy to use. There are coarse diamond rods on one side, and fine rods on the other. Just a few quick swipes will give your knives a good edge.

Of course, this is not a replacement for a proper sharpening.

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