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Ahh, Paris. The name itself conjures visions of romance. Perpetuated by thousands of books and movies, the idea of a romantic vacation in Paris, France is shared by many people worldwide.

With the rising Euro and the falling dollar, a holiday in Paris can get rather expensive. This is especially true during the peak seasons. You should plan your getaway carefully, and select a good location for your hotel. You want to remain close to the major public transportation hubs so you can visit romantic attractions such as the Eiffel Tower and Champs-Elysées.

You may want to skip the five or four star hotels and choose more out of the way accommodation, such as bed & breakfasts and even Paris vacation apartments. Holiday Velvet is a service that helps you choose suitable accommodation according to your budget, accommodation type and area.

As always, do your homework and find out beforehand which areas you should avoid as a tourist. Even in a romantic city like Paris, it pays to be prepared.

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