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What’s the most important thing about a personal computer? Well, for me, it must keep running and help me get my work done. On a day to day basis, I use an Apple iBook. In this day of commodity PCs, what makes one PC different from another? If I’m forced to choose a PC, I would probably get a Dell. There’s a story behind that, of course.

A couple of months ago, I was doing a 3-day executive course. After lunch one day, I noticed one of my coursemates sitting at the lounge, with his notebook computer dissected on the conference table. It turned out that a Dell technician was changing his motherboard right then and there. Since my coursemate was very busy and had to have his notebook up and running as soon as possible, Dell actually sent a technician to where he was, instead of asking him to return the notebook for repair.

Now that’s what I call extraordinary service. Their 3-year warranties are quite good, and quite reasonably priced, too. Do check out Dell Germany if you’re looking for a new notebook computer or Desktop PC.

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