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Do you own your own home? Or are you in the market for your own house or property? Since this is most probably going to be the biggest investment that you make, it is best to do your homework and shop around. If you want a house that will withstand disasters, do look carefully for strong foundations and quality materials.

You also want to choose a location that has good, clear escape routes (if you’re thinking of bugging out), as well as one that allows you good visibility of surrounding areas (if you plan to stay).

Once you have a definite set of criteria for your home, then it’s time to go shopping. You can do it yourself or enlist the help of a real estate agent. New York’s largest real estate company is Prudential Douglas Elliman, with 60 offices in total. They can help you find New York open houses, whether you’re looking for a condo, coop or townhouse.

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