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Sometimes, a real emergency requires you or your loved one to get to the hospital as fast as possible. If you live in an urban area as I do, that can be a real challenge, especially with traffic jams and frequent road works. If you don’t have a siren and flashing lights atop your vehicle, it would be very difficult to move. Fortunately, there are private ambulance services that you can take advantage of.

If time is a matter of life and death and cost is not a factor, you could consider the ultimate in medical evacuation : an air ambulance service. AeroCare Air Ambulance Service is a provider of worldwide air ambulance service. AeroCare offers a 24 hour emergency and non-emergency ambulance services throughout the world. They have highly trained medical flight crews plus safety and service oriented Flight Crews to make sure patients arrive safely and on time.

If you get caught in a bad situation while you’re in the middle of nowhere, AeroCare can help you out. Their fleet of aircraft include Beechcraft King-Air 200 and Lear 35A (for longer range missions).

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