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Do you know what’s happening around your home? With the rising rate of crime, it is quite a challenge to keep your house secured. I am away from my house most of the time (think 12-14 hours each day). Three or four times a year, I am away for days at a time for business trips or vacations.

One way to keep an eye (or really, a “virtual eye”) on your home while you are away is to install a surveillance home camera. The prices of web cameras (“webcams”) have fallen down quite a bit over the last few years, making it more affordable than ever. You could connect your webcam to a local server (usually your PC) or even directly online to a remote server (if it has built-in wireless, for example).

HomeCamera offers a service that allows you to view your surveillance home camera over the Internet. This is very useful, as you will be able to access your camera wherever you have an Internet connection – even when you are overseas! HomeCamera is quite easy to set up. You just download and install a Windows webcam security software to start. It works with a large selection of webcams, so if you have one already, it will probably work with the software.

A unique feature of HomeCamera that I like is the ability to access your webcam on the go – either through a mobile device or a mobile phone. If you have WAP and a video player on your mobile phone, you should be all set. For the paranoid (or safety conscious), you can check what’s going on inside your house just before you enter.

However, HomeCamera only works with the Windows operating system at the moment – those with Macs are promised a native client “coming soon”. HomeCamera is currently in beta and is free during the beta period.

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