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National Preparedness Month 2007

For the US, September is National Preparedness Month. Officially, this is an opportunity to raise awareness about the importance of emergency preparedness and to encourage all Americans to better prepare their homes and communities for emergencies.

American don’t seem to be any safer than ever, with more things to worry about : the sobering sixth anniversary of September 11, a record storm season in full swing, the never ending Iraq war, the recent stock market plunge, a West Nile virus scare, the return of Osama bin Laden.

So what will you do this September? My recommendation is to just do what you can. Check your emergency supplies, change the batteries in your flashlights, sharpen your knives (and your skills). Teach someone a new lifesaving technique. Buy a loved one a personal survival kit.


Maintaining fitness is extremely important. Where the treadmills are great for whole body, the rowing machine is excellent for upper body i.e. torso training and toning. Similarly trampoline is good for legs.

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