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Vacations are great, aren’t they? Sometimes, when I go on holiday, I feel like I have to take another holiday to recover. Just because you’re off for a break, doesn’t mean that you should not take the usual precautions. It’s a real hassle going through airport security nowadays, so be smart about what you bring along. For example, while you’re dreaming of cheap flights to Crete, think about where you’re going to stay, and what will be available locally.

Knives and multi-tools are a no-no on airplanes. Don’t bother bringing them along. I would recommend bringing along relatively “harmless” gear : flashlights, paracord, first aid kits, a whistle. Instead of a lighter, bring a firesteel-type firestarter.

Be smart when choosing locations. I prefer to book my holiday trips online. Holiday Hypermarket is a good online service where you can find many package holiday bargains, last minute deals and cheap flights. I like the fact that you can choose between various options — either bed and breakfast, self catering (so you have the freedom to sample local delicacies) or all-inclusive (so you don’t have to think about food).

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