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As I have written before, getting your emergency preparedness supplies in place does not need to cost a fortune. However, more money always helps 😉

Here are 5 tips that you can use to save money :

1. If you commute to work, try to take public transport or car pool. Or ride a bike!
2. Make your own lunches. It’s healthier and cheaper.
3. Buy in bulk. This is especially for long term supplies such as powdered milk, flour, etc.
4. Always make a list when you go shopping. This will prevent you from spending on unnecessary items and impulse buys.
5. Don’t go to the gym. Work out at home instead, or go running in parks.

Obviously, you do have to prioritize your mandatory payments such as credit card bills, mortgages, insurance, loans etc. What I usually do when I am short of money is, delay the non-critical payments. For example, my phone company doesn’t charge interest for late or insufficient payment, so I pay just enough for the month so they don’t cut my line off.

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