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There are many different ways for you to backup your computer. It doesn’t really matter how you do it, as long as you do it. Here’s what I do with my important documents:

1. Scan the documents into my computer
2. Clean them up (adjust the file size to legibility ratio)
3. Compress (zip) the documents into one file
4. Upload to the storage space on my web server

Of course, if you’re not technically inclined, then you could opt for an easier way. There are several companies offering Online Backup. One of them is IBackup, which specializes in small business.

IBackup offers many user-friendly features that take out the hassle from the essential task of backing up your documents. For example, you can access your online storage space via a drive letter, i.e. it appears just as another disk on your computer. If you’re away from your own computer, you can also access your documents via a web browser interface. If you’re the lazy type, IBackup also has a feature that allows automated backups. Other features specially for small businesses include SQL Server, Exchange and Oracle database hot backups.

IBackup rates are quite affordable, starting at less that US$10 per month for 5GB of storage.

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