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There’s no end to creative ideas that you could come up with to prepare yourself and others for emergencies and disasters. For example, for this coming holiday season, you can send greeting cards with a disaster preparedness theme, instead of the usual festive theme. This would certainly attract attention and become an interesting topic of conversation. A simple STOP reminder could make a world of difference to your friends and family.

What is STOP? It’s an easy to remember acronym about what you should do in disaster situations. STOP = Stop, Think, Observe, Plan. I like STOP because it forces you to take a pause and really think through about your situation, instead of rushing headlong into action, which may cause even bigger problems later. The STOP concept originally came from the US Army Survival Manual, by the way.

Instead of waiting for the holiday season, you could do your reminders right now. You could consider sending the STOP reminder via postcards, for instance. Where could you get some custom postcards printed? VistaPrint has a range of useful and affordable printing solutions. With VistaPrint, you could get 100 postcards for just GBP15, delivered in 3 days. You can even upload your own designs to be used with your postcards.

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