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Victorinox, the maker of the Swiss Army Knife, seldom introduces new multi-tools or pocket knives nowadays. Probably the most active part of their business is the growing apparels business — bags, watches, etc. One of the stand out items for Victorinox this year is the Victorinox Rescue Tool.

Named “Knife of the Year 2007” at the IWA International Knife Award, the Victorinox Rescue Tool is developed for the needs of emergency responders. Here are the various functions of the Victorinox Rescue Tool:

* Large Locking Blade
* Phillips Screwdriver
* Window Breaker
* Strong Screwdriver / Crate Opener with Bottle Opener and Wire Stripper
* Reamer, Punch
* Seat Belt Cutter
* Key Ring
* Tweezers
* Toothpick
* Disc Saw for Shatterproof Glass
* Luminescent Handles
* Nylon Cord
* Nylon Pouch

Victorinox Rescue Tool

You can access the major components of the Victorinox Rescue Tool even when wearing gloves. The luminescent yellow handles make it very easy to spot in low light situations.

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