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What in the world is a spork? Simply put, spork = spoon + fork. Since you already have an EDC (every day carry) knife on you anyway (you do, right?) — then a spork is all you need to add to eat! With a spork, you can eat both the noodles and the soup from your ramen noodel meal — with just one utensil.

There is a surprisingly large selection of sporks you can choose from. For example, you can get :

– a simple plastic double-ended spork ($2-3)

Light My Fire Spork

– a higher-end, more durable and very strong Titanium Spork ($9)

Titanium Spork by SnowPeak

– a super-small Foldable Titanium Spork ($15)

Brunton My-Ti Foldable Titanium Spork

Honestly, unless weight or space is an absolute premium, there’s nothing wrong with just using your everyday stainless steel spoon and fork for your Bug Out Bag.

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