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This was a very difficult post to write. This website was started two years ago out of my growing interest in the topics of urban survival and emergency preparedness. To this day, the aim of Survival Today is still very clear : to educate and raise awareness for the importance of being prepared for all manners of emergencies and disasters. This website is run solely on my own resources and time.

Survival Today is paid for in part by what little commissions that I receive from the various advertisements on the website. I do try to keep the ads to a minimum, however the money coming in isn’t that much.

I recently signed up with PayperPost, which has a certain notoriety in the blog advertising world. Bloggers either love PayperPost or hate them. I know several bloggers who make decent money with PayperPost, so I decided to give them a try. You’ll have seen a couple of posts in Survival Today which have been marked as sponsored. I will continue to do a few once in a while. PayperPosts makes available “opportunities” for bloggers to write blog posts on certain topics in exchange for money.

On my part, I will be as selective as I can in choosing topics so that they remain relevant to the issue at hand, i.e. emergency preparedness. The good thing about PayperPost is that their range of topics is quite varied, so you won’t have to read through unrelated posts on real estate or web design, for example. On your part, I won’t mind if you skip the posts marked as advertising, although I will do my best to keep them of the same standard and relevance to the other, non-sponsored posts.


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