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If you’re like me, you probably have more than one set of EDC (Every Day Carry) gear. Whether it’s your flashlights, knives, multi-tools, compasses, lighters or flint-type firestarters, or any other type of EDC gear, it’s always good to have a backup.

However, having too much gear can also be a problem. What do you choose to carry, and where do you put the rest? My method is to put all my inactive gear in multiple tool boxes. A simple 2-drawer tool box is sufficient unless you really have a lot of gear. A tool box should be strong and sturdy, but not too heavy. If safety is a concern (especially in the case of knives), you can always put a padlock on the toolbox.

What if you really do have a ton of gear? You can opt for a larger tool box with multiple drawers, or multiple tool boxes for each type of gear. For example, one for flashlights & batteries, one for knives & multitools, and another one for other bits and pieces.


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