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Deep Survival: Who Lives, Who Dies, and Why

Do you have what it takes to survive? Deep Survival: Who Lives, Who Dies, and Why by Laurence Gonzales is a recommended book on survival philosophy and psychology. By analyzing cases in which people have survived against seemingly impossible odds, often with no equipment or training, Gonzales shows that there is an intangible quality of attitude, a set of psychological and emotional skills built over a lifetime, that ultimately determine how well we survive life’s big challenges.

The principles in Deep Survival apply to any challenge life poses, from coping in the business world, to extreme trials like having a life threatening illness or dealing with addiction and recovery.

Survival expert Doug Ritter says :
“…Gonzales is an articulate and accomplished storyteller who has written one of the most engrossing survival books in many years … This book is a must read for anyone even remotely interested in the subject of survival, and highly recommended to anyone interested in why we do what we do as we go through life, meeting the daily challenges that are often only a hair’s breadth away from disaster.”

There’s also a companion website with the bio of the author and some excerpts.


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