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Man Vs Wild (2pc) (Ws)

Man vs Wild is a show on Discovery Channel featuring survival expert Bear Grylls, ho goes toe-to-toe with some of Earth’s toughest, most remote environments in each edge-of-your-seat episode. A former British Special Forces soldier, Grylls faces sweltering desert temperatures, icy, raging rivers and hungry predators as he fights for survival. Whether the show is real or realistic is subject to debate; however, it’s always a fun watch.

Bear Grylls (that’s his real name) has a pretty standard website with biography and a blog. His site also has some interesting “pearls of wisdom” distilled from his various talks over the years. For example :

On giving extra…

“The difference between ordinary and extra-ordinary is so often just simply that little word – extra. And for me, I had always grown up with the belief that if someone succeeds it is because they are brilliant or talented or just better than me…and the more of these words I heard the smaller I always felt! But the truth is often very different…and for me to learn that ordinary me can achieve something extra-ordinary by giving that little bit extra, when everyone else gives up, meant the world to me and I really clung to it.”

On leadership…

“A realisation that the qualities needed for effective leadership can be learnt. That real leader’s inspire a feel-good factor around them; you want to be with them regardless. That we all perform better when we are appreciated and encouraged and valued. That leader’s think bigger, and differently. They inspire those around them to go that little bit further, to perform that little bit better, and feel that little bit stronger.”

On communication…

“Bear is only too aware that an effective team on a high mountain relies on honest communication. Having a shared purpose, a culture of can-do and want-to; rather than politics or one-up-man-ship. Encouraging faith in each other, encouraging trust, and an ability to share weaknesses as well as strengths. An awareness that vulnerability creates bonds, and where there are bonds there is strength. A determination to make it together, where humility is a virtue and kindness really matters.”

To find out more about the show, visit the Man Vs Wild microsite on Discovery Channel where you will find some videos and survival tips. You can buy the Man Vs Wild DVD (8 episodes) over at Amazon for around US$20.


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