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The third Atlantic storm this year was officially named today. Tropical Storm Chantal formed between Bermuda and Massachusetts. Chantal is not expected to affect the United States, but will bring heavy rain to Canada.

In case you’re wondering what comes after Chantal, here are the assigned names for the 2007 hurricane season :
1. Andrea
2. Barry
3. Chantal
4. Dean
5. Erin
6. Felix
7. Gabrielle
8. Humberto
9. Ingrid
10. Jerry
11. Karen
12. Lorenzo
13. Melissa
14. Noel
15. Olga
16. Pablo
17. Rebekah
18. Sebastien
19. Van
20. Wendy

According to tradition, storm names alternate between male and female name. In case there are more than 20 storms this season, another set of names will be chosen, and the 21st name will start from A.

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