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PackTowl Ultralite XL - Ultralight Towel In Your Choice of Colors

Entrepreneur and author Tim Ferris has an excellent video and blog post on how to travel the world with 10 pounds (in weight) or less. He follows a “buy it there” philosophy, where instead of packing everything for every common contingency, he allocates a US$50-200 funds to buy things locally. Of course, this doesn’t work in a bug out or TEOTWAWKI scenario. However, some of the gear he chooses for his travels will be great for a Bug Out Bag (BOB) or Personal Survival Kit (PSK).

All the items shown below are very lightweight, and can be packed to a fraction of their original size.

MSR Packtowl UltraLite

The PackTowl Ultralite XL from MSR is one of the lightest, most compact microfiber towel on the market. It easily absorbs 7 times its own weight and will dry completely in 2-3 hours. The PackTowl will set you back US$10-30, depending on the size.

EXOFFICIO Give-n-Go Men's Moisture-Wicking Brief Underwear-Black Medium

Hmm, didn’t think you’d ever see that picture on this blog, did you? The EXOFFICIO Give-n-Go Men’s Moisture-Wicking Brief Underwear is not cheap (around US$25), but will last you a while. Just like the PackTowl, it will dry very fast (2-3 hours). The EXOFFICIO briefs is equipped with an extremely breathable, odour resistant, moisture-wicking and antimicrobial finish.

Marmot Ion Windshirt - Men's

A good jacket is worth its weight in gold — but what if the jacket only weighed 3 ounces? The Marmot Ion Windshirt will pack down to fit in your pocket. It is made of water-repellent, wind-resistant, breathable Banshee nylon material backed up by Marmot’s moisture shunning Defender DWR. There’s a single chest pocket, and a hood.

Kiva Key Chain Convertible Pack

Need a spare backpack to carry extra stuff? When packed, the Kiva Key Chain Convertible Pack can also fit in your pocket. Made of lightweight 70D ripstop taffeta, you can easily carry 20-25 pounds of supplies in your Kiva, or even more when reinforced with duct tape.

The four items mentioned above can all probably fit in a standard ziploc bag; great for travel or for stashing in your BOB.

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