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This is one of the most powerful and downright cool tool I have seen so far to track storms. StormPulse is a new website with great graphics and a wealth of information.

Here are some of the things that you can do :
– view hurricanes and hurricane season dating back to 1851
– Cloud cover view (updated every 6 hours)
– The map interface is a bit like Google Maps–you can click or drag your mouse to pan, and use the + or – buttons at the top-left to zoom in and out.
– Clicking a city when a storm is active provides you with wind probabilities for that location over the next 5 days.
– You can interact with storm data at the most granular level by clicking on a plotpoint in the storm’s track.
– Satellite images update every half-hour or so.
– Present weather conditions for land and sea stations are available in a table-format down below the satellite images.

They are continually adding new features and data, so keep an eye out for their blog for latest updates.

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