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Leatherman 80040003K Squirt P4, Glacier, Small Pliers based Multi-Tool

Multi-tools are very versatile and can perform many different tasks in one compact form factor. Unfortunately, they can be heavy and hence may not be suitable for EDC (every day carry) duty. A few years ago, Leatherman came out with a solution to this called the Micra. It had scissors, a blade, and various screwdrivers. It was sized perfectly for the keychain.

Leatherman then introduced a new line of small, keychain Multi-tools : the Squirt series. There are two main types, the Squirt P4, which has pliers as the main tool, and the Squirt S4, which has scissors as the main tools just like the Micra. There’s also a special Squirt E4 version, which is known as the Electrician’s tool and comes with wire strippers and electrical wire cutters. The Squirt’s anodized aluminium scales come in a range of consumer-friendly colours : Inferno (Red), Glacier (Blue), Storm Gray and Pink.

At only 5.5 cm ( 2.25 inches) in length and 57 grams (2 ounces) in weight, the Squirt P4 packs a surprising number of useful tools.

Here’s what you get in the Leatherman Squirt P4:

– Needlenose Pliers
– Straight Knife
– Wire Cutters
– Extra Small Screwdriver
– Medium Screwdriver
– Small Flat Phillips Screwdriver
– Single-Cut File
– Cross-Cut File
– Opener
– Lanyard Attachment
– Awl

I have used the pliers for anything from tightening bolts to prying loose staples. I has a good gripping action and feels solid in the hand. The various small screwdrivers are perfect for the small jobs around the house or the office, and even on the road.

The knife comes sharp out of the box, and can easily cut through paper, cardboard, rope of varying thicknesses. It’s quite handy at peeling fruit, too. The blade is quite thin so it’s definitely not suitable for prying.

The Squirt series is definitely not for heavy-duty use. The tools, while quite sturdy, could buckle and possibly break under heavy strain. However, the core advantage of the Squirt is the size – you could easily put it on your keychain where it’s always there when you need it.

It’s available for less than US$30 – it makes a great gift, especially in this coming holiday (and winter) season.



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