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Xantrex 852-2000 Xpower PowerPack 600 Heavy Duty

Throughout the United States, and across much of the northern hemisphere, this summer seeing reaching record temperatures. As airconditioner use goes, up, parts of California, New York and other places are seeing blackouts as outdated, central energy grid infrastsructure struggles to cope with the demand. Xantrex Technology Inc has come up with a timely solution called the XPower Powerpacks. The XPower Powerpacks are designed for families and small businesses, and there’s a whole range of Powerpacks to suit your budget (starting from US$80) and power needs (the top of the range can keep a 8.8 cu. ft. freezer going for six hours).

Depending on the model, there are also other useful features such as an ultra bright LED flashlight, a 250 psi compressor and booster cables to jumpstart vehicles and AM/FM radios. It’s definitely worth your while to have some backup power around – you just can’t depend on your electric company anymore.

Xantrex Technologies XPower Powerpack 300 Plus - 120 VAC/60 Hz with Compressor


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